Passive smoking effects on Health

Passive smoking effects on Health

Passive smoking or Second Hand Smoke (SHS) causes more harm even though it is an involuntary inhalation of smoke caused by tobacco or cigarette smoking by others. This involuntary smoking happens when some one smokes in public places spreading the smoke (pollution) into the air. Regular exposure to tobacco smoking causes more injurious effects when compared to that of actual smoking.

As a cigarette smoke is a combination of several harmful chemicals identified to be nearly 4000 highly toxin that are more harmful to ones health. It is important to keep away form second hand smoking as they may cause various psychological distress and future emotional illness on a long run.

Passive Smoking effects

Tobacco smoke exposure causes quicker effects on blood vessels that affects the rate of increasing the heart attacks and respiratory tracks at once. The risks of passive smoking towards acquisition of heart diseases are 24% more for non-smokers than that of regular smokers.

In children

Children get affects to passive smoking than that of the adults as the immune system is low in resistive power. Tobacco effects are more dangerous that affects the lungs and the respiratory track all together. Some of the problems faced by children are Asthma, Allergy, respiratory infection affecting throat and Lung, pneumonia and Bronchitis. Children whose parents smoke have a prolonged exposure to passive smoking from the younger age.

In fetus

Both active and passive smoking are harmful to fetus in the pregnant and expecting mothers. They lead to infections such as Premature Birth, Low weight birth of babies, Lack of milk secretion in mothers and risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). As it is the developmental stage the fetus are very sensitive to get infected via smoke.

In adults

Adults with good immune power are less affected by the passive smoking with Common Cough with soreness of throat, headache and infection in eyes, nose and ears. Long term passive smoking effects are more dangerous causing some of the serious problems like Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis and Hypertension. It wholly affects the blood circulation that carries oxygen to various parts of the body. Brain tumors, Heart diseases and Lung and respiratory cancer are more common when exposed over long time, exceeding the limits of tolerance.

Measures to keep-off passive smoking

Motivating the chain smokers to quit cigarette and tobacco smoking by explaining the smoking facts and effects caused to healthy living can do well. Smoke addiction can be improved with the helps of certain programs that work upon how to quit smoking habits with various recovery techniques.

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Dental Services Made Affordable

Dental Services Made Affordable

People do not usually give much attention to their teeth, not many people go for a routine dental check-up. But it is not good because people need to take care of their teeth, dental care has its own importance. Ignoring these minor issues today, they would later in the disease.

We need some quick action against dental problems arise as the consequences could be alarming. When you have a few problems with your teeth, always go to a proper dentist services. If not it would allow the disease to grow and can affect your immune system because most germs and bacteria enter the body through the mouth.

There are some people who do not have much money and simply can not afford to go to a dentist. But there are several ways to solve their problems. These days a lot of dentists offer several affordable plans for patients. There are a number of plans on the market so that patients in their treatment done at an affordable price.

More insurance plans are also available these days for people who can not afford expensive dental treatment. By provision of such plans, the insurance will cover your treatment costs. Normally, all insurance companies try to maximize the amount covered. But its biggest drawback is the long wait. Especially people who undergo treatment for various insurance companies have to wait for a longer period.

This long period is very difficult for those going through a serious dental problem and require immediate attention. This period may be extended from six months to a year. It shows the worst part of using your dental insurance.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find a good dentist nearby. The best way would be to ask about a good dentist in your city from a little help from your friends. There are chances that they could recommend a dentist who is truly effective with a a minimum consultancy fee. It would definitely help you to receive the best service.

Do not compromise with regard to dental care if you have a problem, then you should contact your dentist immediately. Find a good dental clinic in your town that can offer inexpensive treatment.

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I never thought I’d be one to need a little unplugging. I love the internets. I love the Twitter. And though I’m mostly a silent observer, an occasional dole-r out of the quiet “Like”, I do mostly enjoy The Facebook. (But seriously, do y’all remember when it really was called The Facebook?) But there comes a time when you just need to let it go. And that time for me has been the past month.

I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t set out with the thought of disconnecting myself from the virtual world or taking a break from technology, it just kind of happened. One day I was checking Twitter every 5 minutes and constantly posting pictures of my dogs or my coffee on Instagram, and the next I realized I had over 200 unread posts in my blog reader. It’s not that I consciously stopped caring about these things, I just needed a break. I needed a break from caring about how many Twitter followers I have. I needed a break from wondering why my blog posts weren’t receiving any comments. I needed a break to realize that my online “life” isn’t my real life but only part of it. I needed time to realize that for me blogging is an outlet and a hobby. Something to be enjoyed and invested in. And while it’s always fun to log on and realize that OMG-like-thirty-whole-people-read-my-post-today 😉 , that’s not what it’s about for me. I thought it was. For a while I got into the mindset that if my blog wasn’t “growing” or making money than it was worthless. And that’s just not true. My blog is for me and is whatever I want it to be. (Yes, I am feeling a little melodramatic tonight, thank you for asking.

So this year I’m just going to do me. On the blog, in real life. I’m going to invest time in the things that I enjoy and that make me happy and not worry about what I think people might think I “should” be doing. I’m going to let go of what I think other people’s expectations might be and worry about the expectations I have for myself. Ok, this is getting a little deep even for me. But how do you come back from a month-long absence if not with a late night, tea-sodden, slightly dramatic blog post?

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Live Your Own Life!

Live Your Own Life!

You are the master of your thoughts… You are the master of your body… and you choose your life’s direction and your purpose in life !

“One day I will change”… Sound familiar…Well one day will never arrive, make your life the way you want it to be today.

Ask yourself questions of what you really want out of your life… Don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to your life. If you are truly happy with your life, then all the people you love and care for you will be happy too.

Remember…You decide the purpose of your life, no one else !

“I wrote the above in the morning, and a few hours later I read the following to my boys from one of their library books…”

“You have brains in your head.You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re on your own.

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…. “

Do things you enjoy

Time with family and friends is more important than anything…This is living and real life success to me. All the money in the world can’t buy you time.

I also love meditation, practicing yoga , going to the gym and going surfing. Having these things in my life makes me happy and smile… Which makes me positive and love my life. This is a great thing and can be so simple for us all to have something we love to do. If we are truely happy, everyone around us will feel better.

This also works when my wife is happy and I am un-happy, (which as a parent can be quite a bit some weeks). If she is happy and loving life when I’m down that helps to change my state of mind. If she can see that I’m angry, she simply says “peace and love” and walks off, how can you not smile just a bit when someone says something like that too you 🙂

Believe in yourself and do it

I remember a few years ago working as a builder and having lunch with all the subbies.

When I said what I wanted to do over the next few years they all laughed and said “No Chance. You have a wife, kids, building business and a mortgage, sorry but your life’s over sunshine. Hahaha ! “

I then thought, (and that was the start of change). Well actually my lifes not over and I can do anything I want too.

My life is now everything I talked about at that lunch, it was not all easy, but I did it.

The question now, is “what do I want next”

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Getting Started for a standard and healthy body

Getting Started for a standard and healthy body

Getting started is usually the hardest part to beginning any new fitness program. It is easy to get overwhelmed and throw it into the ‘too hard’ box but with a little guidance and motivation you can have the body you are after!

Exercise is great for a healthy body and a healthy mind,  so choosing a program that keeps you interested and suits your lifestyle. This the key to achieving long term success. First ask yourself a few questions:

What sort of fitness program are you after?fitness

Do you want to shed massive weight?

Gain mass muscle?

Improve cardio? Tone up?

Be more flexible?

Whatever you choose,  here are some key points to getting started:

NOTE: Before starting any new fitness program it pays to get a check up from your doctor. This is especially important if you are a male over 5o yrs old and a woman over  55 yrs old.

Keys to a successful start

Visualize your desired result

Surround yourself with like minded positive people

 Go at your own pace

Have realistic time frames for your goals

 Make exercise  a Habit

 Get programs suited to you (see beginner, intermediate, advanced, Helpful links)

 Ensure the activities you have chosen are fun

 Stay positive, Focus, Achieve


The first step is actually quite easy. You don’t have to be a Gym Junkie to be fit and healthy. Some everyday activities can get your started:








Team Sports

Walking the dog


There are many free activities you can enjoy with friends that don’t cost anything and are easily accessible.  Exercise doesn’t have to be boring!

What ever you decide to do, remember it should actually be enjoyable. If not try something else until you find what you enjoy so exercise isn’t such a chore.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating really is the key. It is the single most important thing to your overall well being and appearance. We have all heard “you are what you eat”. What you eat determines how big you are. It’s really that simple. If your calorie intake is higher than the rate at which you are burning them, you will gain weight. If your calorie intake is less than the rate at which you are burning them you will get smaller. Other factors such as genetics, age etc come into it but the basic laws of calorie intake vs expenditure remains the same.

If you join a gym the personal trainer starting you off will help with your basic dietary needs, but I also recommend you see a trained nutritional expert. It may cost to get a good plan,  but the long term gains of changing your body the way you want is really priceless and if you are really serious about putting in the time and effort of training and exercise, it makes sense to eat well with guidance.

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